OHS Policy

OHS Policies are an important part of any OHS Management System. Policies need to be written in a plain language, easy to implement format.

What is an OHS Policy

An OHS Policy is simply a method of stating how you, your employees, contractors and visitors are expected to behave when they are on Company property or performing Company related activities. As an employer or responsible contractor, you are required by law to provide a ‘safe system of work’. This means you need a method of communicating, duplicating and implementing a safe way of working. The basis for this process begins with your Occupational Health and Safety Policies.

How to Develop an OHS Policy

OHS Policies should be developed in consultation with workers and provide a clear statement about the companies commitment to managing OHS risks in the workplace. Good Policy development is flexible enough to accommodate all work activities, and yet balances a healthy commitment to finding the safest methods for working.

OHS Policy Implementation

All employees should sign have the opportunity to understand and agree to all company OHS Policies as part of the company induction.
The contents of an OHS Policy Manual should be written to meet AS/NZS 4801, OHSAS 18001 and OHS Legislation in all States
An OHS Policy Manual would typically include; Occupational Health and Safety, Anti-discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity, Chemical Management, Drugs and Alcohol, Environmental Policy, First Aid Policy, Incident Reporting, Internet and E-mail Usage, Manual Handling, Personal Protective Equipment, Privacy, Purchasing Policy, Return to Work Policy, Smoke Free Workplace, Stress and Fatigue Policy and more.

OHS Policy Complete List Can Be Found Here

OHS Policy Sample - Download PDF

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