Audit on residential aged care facilities in June and July

SafeWork SA will audit residential aged care facilities in June and July to reduce the risk of injuries caused by manual handling tasks.

The activity will ensure compliance with work health and safety legislation, as well as checking measures required to control the risks associated with resident handling.

SafeWork SA Acting Executive Director Dini Soulio said the audit was one of many scheduled across the year.

“These initiatives are in addition to the reactive work inspectors carry out every day in response to notifications and incidents,” said Mr. Soulio.

“The inspectors will be looking at a range of things in the aged care sector, including resident aids and equipment, systems for assessing residents for mobility aids and environmental factors such as building access.

“They will also be checking that there are appropriate injury reporting mechanisms for nurses, carers and others involved in the care of residents and that, in an overall sense, there is a ‘safety first’ workplace culture.

“The audit will determine whether safe systems of work are in place and that they are reviewed regularly so the risk of manual handling injuries is eliminated or reduced.”

It is estimated that the number of aged care workers in Australia will increase from 352 100 in 2012 to 827 100 in 2050.

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