Buy Queensland policy supports best practice workplaces

The Queensland Government’s Buy Queensland policy is now supporting best practice workplaces through key enhancements to government’s procurement policy.

Minister for Housing and Public Works Mick de Brenni said the government is committed to ensure quality, local jobs and safe workplaces for all Queenslanders.

“Since Buy Queensland came into effect in September last year, 84 percent of Queensland Government contracts awarded through QTenders have gone to Queensland businesses,” said Mr. de Brenni.

“This presents a huge opportunity to back in secure, quality local jobs.

“By spending money locally, businesses can have the confidence to hire more workers and take on apprentices, and that’s the heart of Buy Queensland.

“These enhancements take that a step further – we’re supporting quality, secure local jobs so that workers can plan for the future as well as pay the bills.”

Mr. de Brenni said these enhancements focused on attaining positive workplace outcomes like worker safety, fair wages, and good working conditions.

“Our supplier evaluation will now include looking at workplace health and safety systems, and standards to make sure businesses tendering for government contracts are providing the best possible workplace for their staff,” he said.

“Whether we’re tendering for building major infrastructure, looking for community service providers, or hospitality staff, we want to make sure we’re supporting businesses who engage with their staff cooperatively and strive for best practice in their workplaces.

“These enhancements also confirm our continued commitment to giving preference to businesses that are training up the next generation of tradies and staff through apprenticeships.

“We will ensure that employers live up to their training and apprenticeship obligations through enhanced reporting and compliance measures.”

Mr. de Brenni said they will ensure businesses follow best practice to ensure work health and safety of workers.

“We are focussed on ensuring best practice workplace health and safety systems and standards are the norm for businesses across Queensland.”

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