Coronial inquiry into theme park incident commences

The coronial inquiry into the horrific theme park incident in 2016 has commenced this week.

According to a News Limited report, the main ride operator of the river rapids ride gave evidence on Tuesday saying that a button he pushed on the main control panel to stop the ride’s conveyor belt did not stop until after the rafts had collided.

“It did not stop even though I pressed it two or three times,” he was quoted as saying.

A police investigation into the incident found that it took about nine seconds for the conveyor to stop completely after the button was pushed. The main ride operator said he expected the button to stop the ride instantly.

An emergency stop button was available outside the main control area, which could have stopped the conveyor in seconds, but was not used by the operators.

The inquest was shown evidence revealing that the main ride operator had received at least two hours and 15 minutes of training in roles related to the malfunctioning ride since August 2015, while his coworker only received training for the ride in the morning of the incident.

In October 2016, four people were killed at the popular theme park in a horrific ride malfunction. Witnesses were shocked to see two people flying from the raft after it flipped and two others trapped inside (read SafetyCulture report here).

The inquest resumes on Wednesday, with the main ride operator on the witness stand.


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