EnergySafety warns about dangers of roof spaces

EnergySafety has recently issued a reminder of the importance of understanding the hazards in roof spaces and how these can be avoided.

“The holiday season is upon us, and while we will be enjoying the usual Christmas and New Year festivities, many will take advantage of days off work to catch up on jobs around the house,” said Director of Energy Safety, Ken Bowron.

“Some of these jobs may involve accessing the roof space of the family home as part of DIY projects, and there are some basic safeguards that need to be in place.

“First and foremost, please remember to turn off the electricity main switch in the home’s main switchboard before getting up into the roof space.

“There may be wiring up there with damaged insulation or exposed live parts, posing a clear risk of electric shock and possible electrocution.”

He suggested using inexpensive battery-powered Led headlamps to provide plenty of good lighting for anyone needing to enter their roof space.

“Good lighting is essential while moving around and doing work in roof spaces, and it is readily obtainable while the main switch is turned off,” said Mr. Bowron.

“People need to move with care in roof spaces to avoid stepping on electrical cables or inadvertently kicking plastic junction boxes that enclose cable terminations.”

He also issued a reminder that DIY electrical work is illegal, and that a licensed electrical contractor must be engaged to carry out any new wiring work or alterations and maintenance on existing installations.

More information is available on the EnergySafety website.

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