Enforcement campaign to ensure safe use of VLC to commence in August

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland is reminding those who own or are licensed to operate a vehicle loading crane to do a self-assessment of their VLCs in preparation for an enforcement campaign which will commence in August 2018.

A vehicle loading crane, which is a crane mounted on a vehicle for loading and unloading that vehicle can present significant risks to people and property when they are not operated in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

Owners and operators are encouraged to check and ensure that stabilisers and outrigger risks are controlled effectively.

Queensland’s safety regulator together with the Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) will start the campaign in August to ensure that VLC owners and operators are complying with relevant work health and safety and road safety requirements and have implemented adequate controls to reduce the likelihood of unintentional extension of manually operated stabilisers and outriggers.

The campaign will include on-road inspections of VLCs as well as assessments of work systems. Inspectors will take enforcement actions if they identify unmanaged risks. This may include compliance notices and immediately prohibiting the use of the equipment until risk controls are implemented and verified.

A safety alert and self-assessment tool can be accessed to assist operators and owners in addressing risks. Inspectors may request a completed copy of the self-assessment during on-road activities in the duration of this campaign.

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