Exploration safety information session in Perth

The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) will hold a free exploration safety information session in Perth on Monday 30 July.

The half-day sessions will include information on the department’s expectations regarding exploration safety, transitioning from exploration to operation, promoting best practice and how the code of practice for Emergency management for Western Australian mines relates to exploration.

Director Mines Safety Andrew Chaplyn said it is important for the operations to make safety a priority.

“Drilling in any environment can be hazardous but mineral exploration in remote locations, such as those found in Western Australia, presents additional risk factors,” said Mr. Chaplyn.

“These factors include the risk of extreme weather events, accessibility difficulties, and distance from emergency services.”

Seventeen serious injuries and one death were recorded in Western Australia’s mineral exploration industry in 2017.

“While exploration operations account for a small number of injuries and notifiable incidents across the mining industry, the risk factors associated with exploration can impact on the safety and health outcomes for workers,” Mr. Chaplyn said.

An information session will also be held on 24 July at the Kalgoorlie Overland Motel, and on 30 July at the department’s Mineral House building in East Perth.

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