Farm machinery company fined over $200K for worker’s severe injuries

in New Zealand, a farm machinery company has been fined following an incident resulting in a farm worker’s injury.

The brakes on a tractor serviced and supplied by the company failed and ran over the worker. The victim suffered fractured vertebra, fractures to her arm and injuries to both legs. The farm owner who was driving the tractor escaped the incident unharmed.

According to an investigation, the company had failed to ensure the tractor’s repair history was communicated between staff, failed to ensure the tractor had fully operational brakes and that wires for the warning lights were reconnected and working after repairing the brakes.

“Vehicle service industries must ensure diligent workmanship, systems, and practices in the work that they do to prevent injuries to users,” says WorkSafe Head of Specialist Interventions, Simon Humphries.

A fine of $ 239,063 was imposed. Reparations of $ 103,459 had already been awarded to the injured worker in April 2018.

“The vehicle service industry, including the servicing of farm machinery, needs exceptional diligence to ensure the safety of the end users of vehicles and plant. Working brakes are the difference between life and death – on the road and in the workplace,” said Mr. Humpries.

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