Fast food chain fined after young worker suffers serious burns

A fast-food chain in Coffs Harbour has been ordered to pay a fine of $ 60,000 after a 20-year-old worker slipped in the kitchen while cleaning and suffered serious burns to his leg.

The incident happened in November 2016. The District Court of NSW heard that a worker used a ladder to access and clean the canopies of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system above open cook pots that were heating up oil.

An electrical blackout occurred in the store, and as the worker tried to come down from his position, his left leg slipped in the cook pot containing hot oil.

He suffered third-degree burns to his left leg following the incident. The man has since undergone a skin graft to his left leg and has had mobility issues.

“The incident occurred at a workplace with a number of young and vulnerable workers who have limited work experience and may not understand the risks of what they are doing or know how to protect themselves from injury,” Executive Director for SafeWork Operations, Tony Williams said.

“By law, managers or supervisors of young workers have a legal obligation to protect young workers from incidents such as this which are entirely preventable.

“With figures showing that more than half a million young people aged up to 25 have entered the workforce in NSW, on the SafeWork NSW website there is a free resource available and designed to benefit both employers and young workers.

“SafeWork’s young workers eToolkit not only helps businesses understand their responsibilities in supporting young workers to stay safe and healthy at work, but also includes real stories about young people who have been injured at work.

“They share the impact this injury had on themselves, their family and how it could have been prevented.”

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