Licensing exam for ACT builders

The ACT Government may implement mandatory licensing exams for ACT builders across the A, B and C Classes upon renewal.

With a high failure rate already seen for builders seeking a C Class licence in the ACT since the entry test requirement was introduced in 2016, it also provides notice to builders to brush up on their skills and knowledge.

Minister for Regulatory Services Gordon Ramsay said builders should take steps to lift their performance and skills to ensure they are delivering quality, compliant and safe buildings.

“It’s part of the Government’s reform program to extend exams to all class A and B applicants. In April 2018 the ACT Government also advised industry that mandatory tests would be introduced for a number of licence holders seeking renewal,” he said.

“In the second half of this year, all new applicants seeking an A, B, or C class licence will be required to sit and pass an examination before obtaining a licence. The examination will test a number of areas including an applicant’s ability to apply the National Construction Code to practical scenarios that may be encountered by a licensed builder.

“In addition, from 2019 examinations will be applied to licence renewals, requiring licence holders to sit and pass an examination to renew their licence. A particular focus will be those licensees who have been subject to substantiated complaints or those that come to the attention of government through compliance activities.

“Our message to industry is clear: lift your game or do not build in the ACT.

“For both the entry and renewal tests if a builder fails two attempts, they are out. This is significant because since the commencement of the C class builder licence examination in 2016, 48 percent of those who have sat the examination failed on their first attempt, and 44 percent failed on their second attempt.

“So builders should take this seriously and start taking steps now to get ready – having said this, if they are actively building in the ACT you would hope they would have no issues in demonstrating their knowledge.”

Minister for Planning and Land Management Mick Gentleman said Government reforms are underway to improve the practices and skills in the building industry and to increase the standing and confidence in the sector.

“The government is clear in its message, building quality and practices must be improved and we will continue to work with the industry to support this outcome for the Canberra community,” he said.

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