New asbestos guide launched

A new asbestos guide for people living and working in the rural and regional NSW has been launched by the NSW Government today.

The guide was developed by the Heads of Asbestos Coordination Authorities (HACA), will assist property owners to prevent and minimise exposure to naturally occurring asbestos on their properties and farms.

“Naturally-occurring asbestos can be found in rocks, sediments, and soils in part of regional NSW,” said Executive Director of SafeWork NSW and HACA Chair, Peter Dunphy.

“In its natural state, asbestos presents the same health risks as asbestos contained in building products.

“This guide helps people living in and working in rural and regional NSW to safely manage the risk of exposure to naturally occurring asbestos on properties where it may be present.”

The Guide features a step-by-step instruction on how to determine if a property is in a region where naturally occurring asbestos may be present. It also has information on how to conduct a risk assessment, testing, training requirements for workers, safe work procedures and control measures, and disposal.

Mr. Dunphy said it is important for those living and working in rural and regional NSW where it has been identified to take appropriate precautions.

“Under work health and safety laws, property owners, managers, and workers must take appropriate precautions to ensure naturally occurring asbestos is identified and managed safely,” he said.

“The Guide outlines how to safely manage naturally occurring asbestos in accordance with NSW work health and safety laws.

“I urge all those living and working in areas where naturally occurring asbestos may be present to download a copy of the Guide to help ensure the safety of themselves, their workers and loved ones.”

The Naturally Occurring Asbestos – Asbestos Management Plan Guide was launched in Orange as part of the ‘Betty – the ADRI House’ NSW Regional tour for National Asbestos Awareness Month 2017. Local Government NSW will be conducting a series of workshops with councils on the Guide in affected regions.

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