New battery guidelines now available

A new best practice electrical safety guide has been released to give consumers increased confidence in the quality of the products being installed in their homes and businesses.

Clean Energy Council Director of Smart Energy Darren Gladman said the new guidelines will put the country “at the head of the pack worldwide” when it comes to battery product safety.

“The best practice guidelines for battery products released this week combines the best of international and US standards, along with a few other belts and braces,” said Mr. Gladsman.

“They are the result of consultation and collaboration across the energy storage industry and beyond, including input from CSIRO, Australia’s leading scientific research organisation. The safety of consumers should always be the first priority, and it has been great to have the storage industry working together in this spirit as batteries increase in popularity.”

The Best Practice Guide: Battery Storage Equipment – Electrical Safety Requirements will work in tandem with a risk matrix to give important guidance for professionals installing energy storage units. This will help in working with battery storage technology  to identify and manage risks and ensure a safe installation of battery systems.

The guide and risk matrix has been developed by the Clean Energy Council, the Australian Industry Group, the Consumer Electronics Suppliers Association, CSIRO and the Smart Energy Council.

“There is now a robust Australian system of standards and guidelines in place for batteries being installed in Australia. What is missing is this framework being a pre-requisite for state and federal government battery programs. The clean energy industry is working with all governments to ensure this framework is in place to protect consumers as the rollout of battery technology accelerates,” said Mr. Gladman.

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