New Wiring Rules edition published

The 2018 edition of AS/NZS 3000:201, Electrical Installations (known as the Wiring Rules) has been released.

The new edition has a number of revisions from the 2007 edition, including more than 200 changes. It expands coverage on electrical installations, improves safeguards and brings industry requirements in line with best practice.

The new Wiring Rules has been developed by Standards Australia in collaboration with the industry and government.

“Electrical standards are an important part of the industry. The technology and recognised best practice change over time, so it is important that we have appropriate standards for practitioners,” said Standards Australia’s General Manager, Strategy and Public Affairs, Adam Stingemore.

The release of the new edition of the Wiring Rules is important following the unauthorized pre-publication draft of the new standard being uploaded and circulated on social media.

“As this is not an official Standards Australia publication, it is extremely important that licensed practitioners do not use this ‘pirated’ document, as it is simply not accurate, it is uncontrolled and able to be edited by anyone,” said Mr. Stingemore.

“Anyone who thinks they are covered by using this document may be putting employees, customers and community lives at risk, not to mention their own lives and livelihoods. Our primary concern is the safety of the community and practitioners.”

The new standard is available in Australia from SAI Global.

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