New work health and safety research centre opens in NSW

A new work health and safety research centre has opened on Tuesday to help reduce deaths and serious injuries in NSW workplaces.

The $ 2.5 million Centre for Work Health and Safety in Gosford will use latest data, research, and insights to help protect workers from work injuries and diseases across NSW.

Some of the new world-class Centre’s initial project would include investigating ways to reduce crane incidents in NSW, a comprehensive workplace health survey, and creating predictive modelling for future work health and safety challenge.

“This centre is just one of the ways NSW is leading the nation in smarter, more innovative harm prevention initiatives,” said Minister for Better Regulation Matt Kean.

“Every worker across this state deserves a safe and healthy workplace, and that’s exactly what this centre is about.

“it will inform policy, identify emerging trends and set priorities for the future through four key streams: insights and analytics, research, science outreach, and business support.

“With work-related injury and disease costing the Australian community $ 61.8 billion in a single year, this initiative can also provide a significant return on investment to NSW taxpayers in reduced workers compensation claims and improved productivity.”

A research foundation will support the centre by guiding investment in leading-edge academic research.

“We are doing everything we can to ensure NSW workers are as safe as possible at work, and will continue to push the boundaries to improve workplace injury prevention,” said Mr Kean.

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