NSW Government announces additional funding for quad bike safety program

The NSW government has announced additional funding for the Quad Bike Safety Improvement Program.

Minister for Better Regulation Matt Kean said the Government will increase its investment in quad bike safety to a total of $ 3.7 million.

The state-wide program offers two rebates, worth up to $ 1,000 each, to replace your existing quad bike or have it fitted with safety equipment like roll bars, as well as free accredited quad bike training with Tocal College.

Mr Kean said NSW continues to lead the way when it comes to quad bike safety, with the latest funds ramping up rebates and training for farmers across the state.

“Quad bikes are one of the biggest killers on our farms. In fact, according to AgHealth Australia there have been 240 deaths as a result of quad bikes across Australia, since 2001,” Mr Kean said.

“Today’s funding means we can continue to work with farmers to help ensure that when they head off to work in the morning, they return home safely to their family each night.”

Launched in July 2016, the NSW Government’s Quad Bike Safety Improvement Program has issued almost $ 1.6 million worth of quad bike safety rebates and ensured more than 850 farmers and farm workers have completed accredited training.

Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair said the Government was committed to improving quad bike safety across NSW.

“We know quad bikes are an essential part of farming across NSW but we want to make sure we continue to find ways to reduce risk and save lives,” Mr Blair said.

“It is only through Government, industry and farmers working together that we will reduce deaths and injuries from the use of quad bikes, and this funding will help do just that.”


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