NSW Government invests $55M in workplace mental health

NSW Minister for Better Regulation Matt Kean, Treasurer Dominic  Perrottet and Minister for Mental Health Tanya Davies have announced on Thursday announced the Mentally Healthy Workplaces in NSW Strategy 2022.

Mr. Kean said the Strategy was developed in coordination with people who had first-hand experience with mental health issues, workers, academics, advocates, and industry and worker representatives.

The NSW Government invested $ 55 million in these mental health initiatives.

‘This Strategy represents the single-biggest investment in workplace mental health in the country’s history,” said Mr. Kean.

The plan includes manager training and recovery at work programs, research projects to help inform ongoing strategies, a media campaign and online resources to raise awareness, as well as assessment and mentoring tools to support businesses.

“At any given time, more than half a million NSW workers experience mental ill health, which is just a staggering statistic,” said Mr. Kean.

“With one-third of adult life spent at work, the workplace can play a big role in promoting mental health, and reducing the impact and severity of mental ill-health.”

Mr. Perrottet affirmed their full commitment to improving workplace mental health.

“Mental well-being is central to a person realizing their potential. This record investment in workplace mental health has an enormous impact on an individual and the community as a whole,” he said.

Mrs. Davies said the Strategy shows the government’s commitment to support people suffering from mental health issues.

“By strengthening mental health supports available in the workplace we can better prevent mental illness and promote recovery,” she said.

“Early intervention is a critical part of our comprehensive approach to improving mental health in our cities, rural areas and regional centres.”

The Strategy will include:

  • An  awareness campaign and online resources that motivate and support businesses to create mentally healthy workplaces;
  • Programs focused on  prevention, training, and recovery,  which improve workplace mental health and provide a positive return on investment;
  • Expert NSW Government guidance, collaboration and recognition to encourage and enable businesses to manage mental health in the workplace; and,
  • Extensive research to increase understanding and contribute to the development of initiatives that improve workplace mental health.

More information about the Strategy is available on SafeWork NSW’s Mental Health web page.

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