OHS Inductions

OHS Inductions are the first step in implementing your OHS Policies and Procedures.

Typically OHS Inductions are conducted either as a one on one basis, or as a small group for larger companies. Often a video is used to provided a consistent message accompanied by a workbook or questionairre. OHS Inductions for smaller companies generally involve the Manager taking a new employee through the OHS aspects of the company and how they relate to the role of that worker.

Online OHS Inductions are becoming increasingly popular with companies and even small business operators, as they offer the benefit of record keeping, producing certificates, completion notifications and much more. Workers or Contractors can complete an Online OHS Induction before even arriving at the worksite. By following a web link, they can complete training, questionnaires and even simulated scenerios to test thei knowledge and provide employers with a record of what has been learnt.

OHS Training online should be scalable, so it can grow or be reduced as your company’s requirements change. The ablity to self manage your workers and control over the course structure and content are all considerations that a robust online training platform will have.

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