OHS Safety Consultants

OHS Tenders require principal contractors and subcontractors to submit their OHS Management System as part of a broader tender application.

To submit a successful OHS Tender the following areas should be addressed:

  • OHS Standards

  • OHS Policy Manual

  • OHS Safety Training & OHS Induction Processes

  • List of Safety Procedures

  • Copies of Safe Work Method Statements

  • Risk Assessment Methods

  • Contractor Management Processes ie, permit to work documentation

  • Accident & Emergency Procedures

  • Details of First Aid & Medical Registers

  • Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Materials Registers

  • Material Safety Data Sheet Registers

  • Anything else that supports your commitment to maintaining a Safe workplace.

Companies requesting tender submissions will have different requirements, and subtle differences in how they prefer to see information presented and what areas of risk they place the highest priority on.

The best way to address the individual requirements, is to liaise where possible with the organisation that is requesting the submission, and even discuss their requirements with the Tender Manager, or OHS representative that will be reviewing the submissions. The more information you have up front, the better you can tailor your submission for maximum success.

For further information and assistance in relation to submitting a successful OHS Tender, let our Safety Consultants help you understand and select a Workplace Health Safety solution that best suits your business and put it all into action!

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