One stop shop online safety toolkit launched

SafeWork NSW has launched a one-stop shop online toolkit to help in improving work health and safety consultation practices in NSW workplaces.

The Consultation@Work toolkit provides practical information which will help NSW business comply with work health and safety laws and through effective consultation, ensure their businesses are healthy, safe and more productive.

The toolkit includes videos, fact sheets and other material on consultation arrangements, work groups, case studies and dispute resolution, as well as targeted information for health and safety representatives.

“The Consultation@Work toolkit is a ‘one stop shop’ for workplace consultation information that will continually evolve with new content gained from new ideas from businesses, workers, and our stakeholders,” said SafeWork NSW Executive Director Peter Dunphy.

“This toolkit is full of useful tips on issues such as how to begin conversations to help identify possible work health and safety hazards and risks; coming up with practical solutions, and then communicating them efficiently across an organisation.”

Mr. Dunphy said the toolkit has been developed in consultation with a broad range stakeholders, and will support NSW workplaces in improving their consultation capabilities that are mandated by provisions in the Work Health and Safety Act.

“All NSW workplaces have a legal obligation to consult with workers and this toolkit centrally locates material designed to help them develop better consultation practices,” he said.

“It is also designed to give workplaces greater flexibility, with advice on the benefits of establishing a health and safety committee and representative, or other agreed workplace arrangements.

“Every work site is different and no one knows it better than the people who are there every day. Involving workers in the decision-making processes can lead to a more productive workplace.

“This is why consultation should be front and centre of the safety landscape, this toolkit will make it easier for everyone to get the conversation started.”

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