Harmonisation of OHS laws in Australia is designed to provide all States and Territories with a consistent set of Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) laws. SafeWork Australia has developed a Model WHS Act, Model WHS Regulations and Model Codes of Practice that each State/Territory can use to implement consistent laws in their jurisdiction.

From January 2012, the harmonised laws were introduced in the Commonwealth, ACT, NSW, QLD, SA, TAS and NT.
The harmonised laws are not a current law of WA, the state has drafted legislation developed for public comment. Once a review has taken place a decision will be made about the workplace health and safety legislation for WA.  VIC have no plans to adopt the new laws.

Here at SafetyCulture, we are committed to assisting workplaces operating in the States/Territories that have already adopted the new laws. Every document in our extensive collection has been updated to comply with harmonised laws.

Updated products include:

Compliant for EVERY State/Territory in Australia
Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia, and Tasmania have committed to adopting the new laws within 12 months. Until this time, each of these States will use their own existing legislation and guidance materials.
SafetyCulture’s updated documents will remain compliant with the existing laws in these States. Our documents are based on National and International Quality Standards such as Australian Standards and ISO Standards and best practice principals in your industry. This ensures that all of SafetyCulture’s products incorporate the highest recognised standard of work health and safety.

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