OHS Policy Manuals

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OHS Policies are documents that provide the framework for your OHSMS. (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems).

An effective OHS Policy in relation to Drugs and Alcohol for example is crucial for all of your Safety Management to be effective. If you don’t clearly state that no one is allowed to work on your site whilst under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol, then the likelihood of an accident is increased, along with your changes of a workplace prosecution.

You can write your own company OHS Policies, which is the best way to ensure maximum implementation and compliance, as you have invested your own time and effort to think and investigate exactly what is required in your workplace. Many people start off with an OHS Policy Manual like these from an OHS Consultant and then modify it where necessary to be unique to their workplace. These pre-filled manuals also include matching forms to assist you with building out a framework for your OHSMS.

Common policy modules:

  • Chemical Emergency Management Module
  • Child Safety Module Consultation
  • Cooperation & Coordination Module
  • Contractor Management Module
  • Drug & Alcohol Module
  • Electric Shock – Emergency Response Procedure
  • Electrical Safety Module Environmental Policy
  • Environmental Sustainable Procurement Policy
  • Excavation Module
  • Falls Prevention Module
  • Fitness for Work Module
  • Hazardous Chemicals & Dangerous Goods Hazardous Manual Tasks Module
  • High Risk Construction Work Module
  • Incident & Hazard Reporting Module
  • Issue Resolution Module
  • Manual Handling Training Module
  • Mobile Phone Module
  • Money Handling / Robbery Module
  • Monitoring & Reviewing Module
  • Noise Management Module
  • Objectives & Targets Module
  • Overseas Work Guide
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Module
  • Plant & Equipment Module
  • Purchasing Module
  • Remote & Isolated Work Module
  • Return to Work Program
  • Risk Management Module
  • Roles, Responsibilities & Accountabilities
  • Social Media Policy
  • Sun Safety Module
  • Training, Competency & Induction Module
  • Utilities Risk Management Module
  • WHS Emergency Plan
  • WHS Policy & Procedure
  • Workplace Bullying Module

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