What OHS Policies Do I Need For My Business

What is an Occupational Health and Safety Policy, or OHS Policy and who should use them?

An OHS Policy is simply a method of stating how you, your employees, contractors and visitors are expected to behave when they are on Company property or performing Company related activities. As an employer or responsible contractor, you are required by law to provide a ‘safe system of work’. This means you need a method of communicating, duplicating and implementing a safe way of working. The basis for this process begins with your Occupational Health and Safety Policies.

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Most OHS policies have a similar format, they generally include:

  • Aim – The aim outlines what the policy intends to achieve
  • Policy – This is the actual body of the working document. It is here that specifics of what needs to be done and how the company will achieve it’s aim.

Common policies that are found across most industries include:

  • Chemical Emergency Management Module
  • Child Safety Module Consultation
  • Cooperation & Coordination Module
  • Contractor Management Module
  • Drug & Alcohol Module
  • Electric Shock – Emergency Response Procedure
  • Electrical Safety Module
  • Environmental Policy
  • Environmental Sustainable Procurement Policy
  • Excavation Module
  • Falls Prevention Module
  • Fitness for Work Module
  • Hazardous Chemicals & Dangerous Goods Hazardous Manual Tasks Module
  • High Risk Construction Work Module
  • Incident & Hazard Reporting Module
  • Issue Resolution Module
  • Manual Handling Training Module
  • Mobile Phone Module
  • Money Handling / Robbery Module
  • Monitoring & Reviewing Module
  • Noise Management Module
  • Objectives & Targets Module
  • Overseas Work Guide
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Module
  • Plant & Equipment Module
  • Purchasing Module
  • Remote & Isolated Work Module
  • Return to Work Program
  • Risk Management Module
  • Roles, Responsibilities & Accountabilities
  • Social Media Policy
  • Sun Safety Module
  • Training, Competency & Induction Module
  • Utilities Risk Management Module
  • WHS Emergency Plan
  • WHS Policy & Procedure
  • Workplace Bullying Module

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