Quad bike safety program delivered to NSW farmers

Dairy farmers across the South Coast have participated in quad bike training aimed at improving farm safety.

Tocal College is providing the training to 90 dairy farmers in different locations across the region.

Last week, Bega dairy farmers and their workers met on Kimber Farm to brush up on their skills to safely and effectively operate quad bikes in the week-long training program supported by major dairy industry businesses Bega Cheese, Dairy Australia and Dairy NSW.

“Quad bikes are a leading cause of death on Australian properties, with more than 230 deaths since 2001 and thousands more people seriously injured,” said Mr. Williams.

“Every farm-related fatality and injury has a devastating impact on rural families and communities.

“Dairy farmers told us it was hard to commit to a full-day of training due to their milking schedules.

“We’ve worked with them to design a course that is delivered over the week so they can complete the training without it getting in the way of their farming duties.

“By conducting training on a dairy farm with familiar terrain, participants safe riding techniques are enhanced.”

The effort is part of the agency’s Quad Bike Safety Improvement Program helping farmers operate quad bikes safely, and to conduct routine checks and maintenance.

Training was also conducted at Bemboka and Candelo. Another course will be held at Bodalla from 12-16 March.

More information about the quad bike safety information program is available on SafeWork NSW’s website.

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