SafeWork NSW launches its 2017 Mentor Program

SafeWork NSW launched its Mentor Program, which aims to help small businesses identify new ways to improve safety in the workplace.

Eighty NSW businesses will participate in the program. These businesses have committed to improving safety in their workplaces.

The Mentor Program is offered free and involves experienced business pairing with a small business to find ways to improve work health and safety, workers compensation and injury management.

“The Mentor Program brings big and small businesses together to create new ways of tackling safety in the workplace,” said SafeWork NSW Acting Deputy Executive Director, Jodie Deakes.

“Mentors are some of the country’s leading health and safety professionals and they understand the work health and safety challenges mentees face on a daily basis.

“They can suggest innovative solutions to common safety, injury management, and workers compensation issues.

“The program is a great example of businesses helping each other to stay safe while also contributing to an improved bottom line.”

The program will run for three to six months. It involves a series of site visits, advisory sessions, and workshops. SafeWork NSW also conducts free advisory and educational sessions across a variety of safety and injury management topics.

To coincide with the start of the program, a Mentor Program eBook has also been launched. It features stories, safety benefits and tips of some of the 485 businesses that have participated in the program since its commencement in 2006.

Ms Deakes said that the Program will allow medium and large businesses to share the importance of having a positive safety culture.

“Every worker in this state has the right to a safe and healthy workplace, and safety is everyone’s responsibility,” she said.

“The Mentor Program encourages small businesses to think about how they can create a safety culture at their workplace while mentors have the opportunity to enhance their business’s reputation and profile.”

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