Salzer isolating switches recalled

EnergySafety has recently issued a public warning on the dangers of Salzer brand switches used in some solar systems installed in Western Australia since August 2016.

Director of Energy Safety Ken Bowron said the switches formed part of some solar photo-voltaic installations.

“They are used to disconnect the current produced by solar panels so work can be undertaken on the electrical installation of a home or business,” said Mr. Bowron.

“These switches are faulty and present a fire risk in some conditions when they are switched.”

The defective DC isolating switches model numbers are IPV40E-DCLB232 and IPV40ES-DCLB23.

“The defective switches were sold in Western Australia after 10 August 2016,” said Mr. Bowron. “Sales in WA ceased after 13 November 2017.

“Anyone who had a solar system installed between these two dates should check if the defective switches have been fitted to the installation.”

If the switches are installed, the solar system should be shut down immediately by using the “AC ISOLATOR” switch and turning it to “off”.

Those who are unsure or cannot identify the types of isolators they have are advised to check the operating manual or invoice or contact the company that sold the solar system for further advice.

“Above all do not attempt to get up on your roof to check the switches there,” said Mr. Bowron. “There is no need to do this.

“If your solar panels were purchased after 10 August 2016, look for the switch near the inverter.

“If it is one of the above models, call the solar company involved and request them to supply and install safe replacements.”

For more information, contact Consumer Protection on 1300 304054. The main distributor, IPD Group Limited can also be contacted on 1300 556 601 or at

EnergySafety can help with any technical queries related to electrical safety by telephoning them on 6251 1900.

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