Second phase of quad bike safety campaign launched in NSW

The NSW Government has launched the second phase of an advertising campaign, aimed at reducing quad bike related deaths and injuries.

Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation, Kevin Anderson launched the campaign on Monday.

“Quad bikes are one of the leading causes of death on Australian farms, this is despite the constant messaging surrounding the dangers associated with the machines,” Mr. Anderson said.

“The most common misconception with quad bikes is that they are a safe and secure vehicle due to their solid appearance, and it is this false sense of security that results in people becoming complacent with quad bikes.”

Since 2017, there have been seven quad bike fatalities in NSW, including two children under the age of 16.

Mr. Anderson said this latest graphic campaign targets people who have been around four-wheelers for a long time and may need to rethink their approach to quad bikes.

“These are powerful machines. These are not toys, they are not hobbies and they should be treated with the greatest caution,” Mr. Anderson said.

“I am urging farmers to contact SafeWork to take advantage of rollover bar rebates and free quad bike training days, in order to reduce the risk of death and injury.

“Right now, the power is in your hands to prevent further tragedy as a result of a quad bike accident.”

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