Shipping company pleads guilty over death of FIFO worker

A shipping company in Darwin has been convicted and fined $ 190,000 following the death of a 37-year-old deckhand.

The company pleaded guilty to a breach of Section 32 of the Work Health and Safety (National Uniform Legislation) Act for failing to comply with a health and safety duty.

The victim, a fly in – fly-out worker was working on board a vessel, the Sammy Express. He was found dead on the morning of 8 January 2017, in the water and had multiple fractures consistent with striking a solid object after falling from a height. His toxicology report returned a high blood alcohol reading.

NT WorkSafe Executive Director Stephen Gelding said that the incident could have prevented if the company monitored and implemented their own safety policies and procedures.

“Instead of rigging a gangway, the crew of the Sammy Express were jumping from the vessel onto a tyre which was tied to the wharf as a fender, and then climbed up ropes onto the wharf,” said Mr. Gelding.

“I urge all businesses to make sure their work health and safety  (WHS) policies and procedures are properly implemented, monitored and reviewed.

“Hold regular safety meeting to reinforce your policies and procedures and encourage feedback from your workers as part of the review process,” he said.

The company was also ordered to pay court costs of $ 1,500 and a victim levy of $ 1,000.

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