Sleep deprivation could compromise work safety, reminds WorkSafe NZ chief

WorkSafe New Zealand Chief Executive Nicole Rosie reminded workers to check on the amount of sleep they are getting to ensure they are not compromising their safety and the safety of others at work.

“Daylight Saving this weekend is a good time to check on the amount of sleep you are getting to keep yourself and others healthy and safe as you work,” she said.

“People who are tired and fatigued are 30% more likely to have an accident. Both businesses and workers have a responsibility to manage fatigue and the risks that arise from it.

“Work and personal demands can often make it difficult to get the sleep we need to function safely throughout the day,” said Ms. Rosie.

Fatigue is a work-related health risk as it could reduce a person’s ability and alertness to work safely and effectively. It can impact productivity and lead to workplace incidents with potentially serious consequences for both workers and businesses.

“According to our 2015 Health and Safety Attitudes and Behaviour Survey, 43% of workers in sectors with a high risk of injuries and fatalities reported working when overtired,” said Ms. Rosie.

WorkSafe is currently working with the New Zealand Transport Agency, Civil Aviation Authority and Maritime New Zealand to look at ways to better support workers and business in managing fatigue in the workplace by developing key cross-industry information for business, workers and their families about how to recognise and manage fatigue in the workplace.

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