Study to tackle high incidence of suicide in working men

A new study is set to tackle the high incidence of suicide in working men.

Initial studies show stressful working conditions as major risk factor for mental health problems and suicide among men. The research aims to identify the reasons and link workplaces into health services which can help.

“It’s a sad indictment that too many men fail to seek help to deal with their mental health issues before it’s too late, and they often see suicide as their only recourse,” said Minister for Health Jill Hennessy.

“We’re determined to address suicide and a range of other health issues through our $ 20 million health and medical research program.”

Dr. Allison Milner received a four-year fellowship to research the issue of suicide among working men and to develop solutions – one of three worth up to $ 800,000 each granted under the Labor Government’s $ 20 million plan to ensure Victoria stays a world leader in health and medical research.

“The Andres Labor Government’s investment is driving medical research that can lead to a real difference and has the power to change lives,” said Parliamentary Secretary for Medical Research Frank McGuire.

The Victorian Government is also investing in a range of suicide prevention measures, with $ 27 million over four years for the Suicide Prevention Framework.

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