Workplace exposure standards consultation RIS now open

Safe Work Australia’s workplace exposure standards consultation regulation impact statement is now available.

Safe Work Australia says the consultation RIS considers options to update Australia’s list of workplace exposure standards and integrates the outcomes from the public discussion paper, The role of chemical exposure standards in work health and safety laws (2015) and the Business survey on workplace exposure standards (2017

The consultation RIS focuses on the purpose of the WHS laws and workplace exposure standards to protect workers and will model the impacts of the update based on case example chemicals and the initial predictions from the preliminary evaluation.

Submissions are welcomed from workers, duty holders (e.g. employers), regulators, government departments, unions, members of the public and other parties that have an interest in, or use, store, handle, generate, or dispose of hazardous chemicals or substances that can become airborne.

The consultation period will close on 13 September 2018 at 11.59 pm.

To access the consultation RIS and make a submission visit the consultation platform, Engage.  Additional information on the review and consultation on the workplace exposure standards is available on Safe Work Australia website.

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