Workplace Injury Leads to $6000 in Fines for Former Supervisor of WA Company

A former supervisor of a WA company has been fined $ 6000 in Perth Magistrates Court after a worker was injured at a Keysbrook mine site more than three years ago.

The incident happened on 6 March 2015 when a worker was struck on the shoulder by the bucket of a mini excavator.

The worker was attempting to unload a plate compactor from a flat-bed truck using the excavator by rigging a sling to the excavator arm when he was struck by the excavator bucket.

A DMIRS investigation found although the site had safety policies in place, they were not being followed.

Mines Safety Director Andrew Chaplyn said it was critical not only to have policies in place but to ensure they are followed.

“In this case, the supervisor failed to adequately supervise the worker, which directly contributed to the incident occurring,” Mr. Chaplyn said.

“There were a number of measures available and policies in place that should have prevented such an incident occurring.”

In handing down the sentence, the court took into account the supervisor’s early guilty plea and granted a spent conviction order.

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